the victim card


Someone suggested that Obama is caught in this situation where he has promised to run a different kind of campaign but when his wondrous and pure honesty forces painful truths out of the magnificent mouth that cannot tell a lie then he gets unfairly bashed for speaking of life’s inconvenient truths.

He’s just a victim of his own nobility and inherent honesty?

Sure he is.

Barack Obama is a dissembler and a liar. If it makes anyone feel better let me say this. Hillary Clinton is also a liar as is every politician I have ever been aware of.

But Obama’s promise for a new kind of politics, something that so many take him at his word on and then proceed from there, is itself a huge lie.

The Obama campaign knew that it could not compete with Hillary on the issues. If they were dragged into endless debates on actual governing policy… they felt that they would lose. So the Obama people came into this primary with a two pronged strategy:

1. Proclaim to be a campaign engaged in a new kind of politics that rejects the politics of personal destruction.

And, if NEEDED, at the same time:

2. Hit Hillary hard on issues surrounding personal character flaws such as honesty and remind Americans of Hillary’s many brushes with scandal in the 90s.

That’s a breathtaking and cynical example of lying as a strategy and deceiving the American voter in the process.

By the way, this information comes by way of New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza as reported on The Tim Russert Show (not Meet the Press) two weekends ago. Stay tuned for the audio file of Lizza discussing Obama’s campaign strategy.

Bottom line: Obama is not going to experience any mercy or forgiveness for anything that he says or does for the rest of his political career. And if he is successful in November, you can extend the negative scrutiny to the end of his days on this planet.


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