here we gobama again


I think the campaigns have now gone on so long that these people are starting to lose it. Hillary laughing irrationally at a serious question. Bill confecting even more Bosnia trouble for her. Barack Obama has even started making sexual wisecracks to ladies on the meet and greet lines.

At this point (meaning both in the presidential run AND in the ongoing story of Obama’s Teflon candidacy) I’m starting to wonder what Obama could say or do that would actually hurt him here in the primary.

But the Senator keeps trying. Speaking of Midwesterners in general and Pennsylvanians in particular, Obama said this at a fundraiser in San Francisco last week.

“It’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Just taken at its face value, this statement is a BUFFET of poorly expressed ideas.

He doesn’t even cite the correct negligent administrations. He doesn’t dare. Because the Midwest and rust belt tumble that he is referring to began in earnest during the Carter administration.

You could go through those towns in Pennsylvania and ask those people when was the worst economic period in their memory and I’d bet many would recall the Carter years, the energy crisis, gas shortages, the recession, etc. That all hit the manufacturing base very hard.

From Carter’s crisis of confidence speech in 1979.

It’s clear that the true problems of our Nation are much deeper — deeper than gasoline lines or energy shortages, deeper even than inflation or recession.

And those who don’t cite the Carter years as being the hardest would probably tell you the two terms of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s were the worst.

But Obama needs Jimmy Carter’s superdelegate vote so he’s not going to say anything negative about Carter.

And he’s trying to suck up to this thing he’s heard of called the Reagan democrat so he’s not going to say anything bad about Reagan.

But funny, he’s got no problem going after the Clinton years, and laying all the misery of the “Midwest” Pennsylvanians on the Clintons.

That Obama continues to go after the Clintons, speaking disparagingly of their years in office, trashing their legacy in the process, this to me is the unforgivable sin he has committed in trying to step over Hillary Clinton to get the nomination.

If you want to wax negatively of presidential realities… think Johnson (Vietnam), Nixon (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Watergate), Carter (energy crisis, recession, general doom and gloom), Reagan (Midnight in American for Democrats and the left, ketchup emerges as the vegetable du jour for public school children, Iran-Contra), Bush I (oil war, recession) Clinton (peace and prosperity, tech boom, balanced federal budget plus a surplus), GWB, (war and a savaged economy, recession, world opinion of US trashed.)

And yet what Barack Obama continually finds to be fertile ground for attacking past presidencies are these 8 terribly inconvenient years of peace and prosperity under Bill Clinton. The only two term Democrat since Harry Truman.

The current de facto leader of the Democratic party.

So in the end, when Barack Obama loses the general election by double digits and we’re sitting under John McCain for 4 years, the Democratic party, dazed and confused by the evaporation of its clear path to victory, is going to be kicking at stones on the ground and wondering what happened in ‘08.

I hope they ask themselves as well if it was all worth it. Was losing an election and having the party once again defined by a effete out-of-touch candidate, this one with explosively controversial associations, worth having the Democrats’ version of the Reagans, the party’s biggest stars, a two term president and his first lady, the party’s most proven winners, who, beyond the scandals that were largely the work of the Republicans and the right wing freak show, set the standard of what a successful Democratic presidency should look like… was it worth having all that trashed by a guy who only 4 years ago was an Illinois state senator?


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