when race trumps votes everyone loses


The rationale being offered by Democratic big wigs and the mainstream media as to how the Democratic party can get away with ignoring both a potential popular vote victory by Hillary Clinton, as well as ignoring or redefining the stated purpose of the superdelegates, is as follows:

To have the super ones move to Hillary even after a popular vote win by her AND an unambiguous momentum shift towards her signaled by win after win in the remaining primaries is to do two things…

a) Ignore or overturn the “will of the voters” as expressed in popular raw vote totals.

b) Assert that a pledged delegate lead is the ONLY criteria to be considered by the superdelegates.

OR ELSE… Democrats risk splitting the party and alienating, not only African Americans, but young people all over the country who have been “energized” by the Obama candidacy.


Black people. Young people. Neither has a vote that is MORE determinative than my vote or the vote of a middle aged white woman simply because of their race or age!

If certain people want to seriously consider what would also be destructive to the party… and anyone wishing the best for Democrats in this or any other election cycle should… look now at the other side of this, before it is too late.

If the superdelegates ignore a popular vote win by Hillary Clinton as well as a giant shift in momentum towards her there are many many millions of people who will be just as outraged and these Democratic voters will have a much more valid argument as to WHY they are outraged.

The Democratic party can not let racial, or any other, identity politics issues factor into the decision as to who the party’s nominee will be.

We really should let the VOTERS decide the outcome of this primary. No?

If you, as a party, have already succeeded in locking the voters of Florida and Michigan out of the process and now you’re going to let things like the wacky undemocratic caucuses and the weird delegate allocation rules such as the Texas Two-Step, factors that, let us not forget, are largely responsible for GIVING Obama his pledged delegate lead… then I believe, as a party, you need to get your head out of the Obama campaign’s ass and start thinking again about what it means to be a Democrat.


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