redefining the will of the voters


On a video feature in the Bloggingheads section of the New York Times website there is a discussion with Robert Reich, formerly a Clinton administration labor secretary. The teaser reads like this.

Robert Wright of, left, and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discuss the possibility of superdelegates giving the election to Hillary Clinton.

The video begins with the text overlay of this question. Verbatim.

Unless Hillary Clinton wins landslide victories in the upcoming primaries she will likely finish with fewer pledged delegates than Barack Obama. What will happen if the superdelegates override the voters?

My question is this. When suddenly did the mainstream media, made up of so many who have gone to school at places like Harvard and Yale, begin to emulate this dishonest three card Monty style of question construction that would make a hack car salesman proud? (Mr. Wright’s Wikipedia bio boasts a Princeton education.)

I have an alternative question which I believe to be more honest.

If Hillary Clinton overtakes Barack Obama in the popular vote, what will happen if arcane and varied Democratic party rules as to how primaries are carried out and how pledged delegates are allocated are used by the party to override the will of the voters?


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