jesus or no jesus


Barack Obama himself has said that the speech he heard from his Pastor and mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright was reprehensible. But he says that he can’t turn away from his pastor because this is the man who led him to Jesus Christ.

This is something that has me shaking my head in the context of the godless left’s support of Obama in this campaign. The candidate sits under a racist pastor who espouses hate speech for twenty years and then asks us to accept that because this guy led him to Jesus?

And that’s okay with Air America?

Hate speech is okay with the left because of Jesus? That makes me dizzy. Where are the ideals of the left and how can this possibly be acceptable coming from a candidate who is endorsed by the left? It’s just amazing. Ralph Nader calls Obama the liberal evangelical.

Obama is a lefty atheist coming out of Ivy League schools who attaches to a church and finds Jesus… but THIS is okay with the left because Obama’s pastor is really some kind of radical closet black power demagogue?

Oh shoot, I’ve got it backwards.

But does it matter? Is hate speech okay because of Jesus or is Jesus and hate speech BOTH okay because of the Pastor’s politicized left-leaning rants?

Jesus, there’s something for everyone on the new Religious Left.

Except for a plurality of the American people’s votes come November.


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