a short superdelegate rant


Superdelegates announcing their support for Barack Obama are making the biggest mistake in the history of the Democratic party. Not because they will ultimately cast their vote for Obama. When the time comes it’s their duty to support who they see fit to be the nominee of the party.

But that they are starting to break now for Obama, before this last set of primaries, is spitting in the face of half the Democratic party and potentially reducing future primaries, which have generated great excitement in at least one coveted swing state, to being totally irrelevant afterthoughts.

All the money and all the donors sending that money to Hillary Clinton to carry on the fight?

These superdelegates are saying to those very people that their contributions to the Democratic party’s primary process are a waste. Because superdelegates going for Obama now, in concert with the calls for Hillary to quit the race, threatens to literally turn those campaign contributions into money down the drain.

Way to go, Democrats. Way to treat nearly half your own loyal check writing base.

All Hail President McCain.


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