night of the living democrats


Democrats who really want to win the White House, now or ever, should take note of something.

On the one side of the push to get Hillary Clinton to quit the race you have the party’s perennial LOSERS at presidential politics. Howard Dean, Chris Dodd, Bill Bradley, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Bill Richardson.

On the other side you have this party’s ONLY winners. The Clintons. Bill Clinton is the only two term Democratic president since Harry Truman. The Clintons didn’t just win the White House twice but presided over, by any measure, the most successful administration in half a century.

The Clintons tackled the problems of this country with supreme confidence and competence and peace reigned and the budget deficit, the NUMBER ONE Republican issue of the early 90s, was turned to a surplus.

And now here comes the tone deaf left wing blogosphere, repeating the same old anti-Clinton bile while siding with this party’s presidential ex-wannabes against the only real winners the party has had at presidential politics in many long decades.

I’m not surprised at all at those on the left siding with Obama and participating in the trashing of the Clintons. You can have a superior education and a nationally famous political blog, but that doesn’t mean you have a drop of political insight or the slightest notion of what one looks like.

What disturbs me is the Democrats falling in step with the party’s losers at presidential politics. For primal screaming out loud, Howard Dean couldn’t even lose in Iowa without also losing his composure and destroying his presidential aspirations.

And what does the Democratic party do?

They make Howard Dean chairman.

Because Howard Dean was able to raise money on the internet and, it seems, young people like him. I’ve heard left wing bloggers lament that Howard Dean’s fall from electability was for the stupidest reason ever in the history of American political falls. But that perspective is the result of so many of these people being themselves absolutely tone deaf.

The fact is that it was a fitting take down and the truth is that the left and the Democratic party are both rapidly becoming an extension of Howard Dean’s ghastly and unelectable roar that night in Iowa.

Great rallying cry there.

And what does Howard Dean know anyway about avoiding catastrophe?

His LAST chance of avoiding what is already upon the Democratic party was when the Obama campaign began to play the race card against Dean’s own party’s version of the Reagans. He could have sat the Obama campaign down and said… no… we’re not going to do this. This IS a two term Democratic president and his first lady. They ARE the Democratic party. You can’t destroy them. It WILL end in disaster for all of us.

But, people. Howard Dean wouldn’t have known. He doesn’t have that kind of political insight or instincts. Howard Dean helped create this mess by not having the sense to perform a function the leader of the party should be there to perform.

And with so much of Obama’s support coming from the old Dean democrats from 2004, it’s easy to believe that Howard Dean, like these other castoffs from elections past, would like nothing more now than for the party’s only champions and proven winners to step aside for a guy who was an Illinois state senator a little over three years ago?

Yes. Coming from the man infamous for making impolitic noises, and the party that made him its leader, this all sounds about right.


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