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Numerous publications digging deeper this week into why New Mexico Governor and former Clinton Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson turned on his old bosses and endorsed Barack Obama. The Los Angeles Times piece is here. Nothing new or surprising in any of the reports that I can see. Richardson was moved by Obama’s speech on […]

“….they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” – Barack Obama, April 6th, 2008 Comments like this have tremendous political ramifications. Republicans destroy Democrats with far less potent ammo than this c-4 that Obama spews. Look […]

the victim card


Someone suggested that Obama is caught in this situation where he has promised to run a different kind of campaign but when his wondrous and pure honesty forces painful truths out of the magnificent mouth that cannot tell a lie then he gets unfairly bashed for speaking of life’s inconvenient truths. He’s just a victim […]

I think the campaigns have now gone on so long that these people are starting to lose it. Hillary laughing irrationally at a serious question. Bill confecting even more Bosnia trouble for her. Barack Obama has even started making sexual wisecracks to ladies on the meet and greet lines. At this point (meaning both in […]

The rationale being offered by Democratic big wigs and the mainstream media as to how the Democratic party can get away with ignoring both a potential popular vote victory by Hillary Clinton, as well as ignoring or redefining the stated purpose of the superdelegates, is as follows: To have the super ones move to Hillary […]

On a video feature in the Bloggingheads section of the New York Times website there is a discussion with Robert Reich, formerly a Clinton administration labor secretary. The teaser reads like this. Robert Wright of, left, and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich discuss the possibility of superdelegates giving the election to Hillary Clinton. […]

Barack Obama himself has said that the speech he heard from his Pastor and mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright was reprehensible. But he says that he can’t turn away from his pastor because this is the man who led him to Jesus Christ. This is something that has me shaking my head in the context of […]