shutting democracy down


Just a KTLA 10 PM newscast poll here in LA.

Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination?

21.2% Yes (129 responses)

78.8% No (479 responses)

608 total responses

There is also the now well publicized poll that produced 22% each wanting either Obama or Clinton to quit and 66% wanting the race to continue.

The Democratic party is imploding. Not because of the fact that we have a close race. But because of both the very real and the very imagined perceptions of unfairness and of party ideals being thrown over the side for political expediency. This 2008 Democratic party is piling up crimes against democracy by people who couldn’t care less as fast as the Republican party did in 2000. By party rules they’ve eliminated the participation of millions of voting Americans in Florida and Michigan.

How many are combat veterans, I wonder? (Makes me shudder to think about that.)

CNN did a great piece, along with the help of the Detroit Free Press, in pinpointing how two Obama campaign chairmen in the Michigan state senate blocked the revote effort there. This is all about those two states voting too early. But now another group of Obama supporters wants Hillary to quit before the last round of states has a chance to vote. Because, presumably, they are voting too late. Millions of Americans being denied their elective voice and an attempt to deny millions more their chance to be heard as well.

The leadership of this party, and I include the frontrunner among them, have shown themselves to be tone deaf, unable to ascertain or understand the prevailing will of the people of this country and unable to prevent themselves from participating or even precipitating a disaster. They don’t get even that Florida and Michigan Democrats will be sufficiently outraged, which they are, at being shut out of this primary process. That’s denial, plain and simple. But what they’re also missing is that Florida and Michigan has and will outrage voters, not JUST Democrats, ALL OVER the country.

It’s as if these people looked at what happened in Florida and have decided that not counting votes is not such a big deal after all. All the efforts the politically passionate left have taken in developing nations to try to spread democracy by ensuring fair elections where all the votes are counted and counted correctly, those principles… we don’t need them here in America any more. We have RULES.

And Air America cheers on.

The solution to this catastrophe in the Democratic party isn’t to call upon Hillary Clinton to get out. Way over half the people in every poll taken on this question points to a solid majority that wants no such thing. But I wouldn’t expect the Democrats supporting Barack Obama to care or even understand any of this, or the seeds of a November defeat they are sowing right now.


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