the judas endorsement


Let’s review. Richardson goes against the political Godfather that MADE him the Ambassador to the UN and Secretary of Energy. He goes against the expressed will of the voters in his state who went for Hillary Clinton. And he goes against Latinos around the country who have largely gone for Hillary.

None of which is honorable.

Richardson is simply rolling the dice to get back to Washington. He waited until the Florida and Michigan re-vote idea appeared to be finally dead and looked at the math and determined that Hillary’s chances are slim to none but if he were to come out for Obama now, during this darkest of hours for the Obama campaign, that Obama would owe him some kind of major appointment.

Now a question. Why isn’t John Edwards endorsing anyone?

Here’s the answer.

Because there’s NOTHING in it for him. And here is why.

It appears that Hillary can’t win the nomination. So an endorsement of her is out of the question. But John Edwards isn’t going to burn that bridge for absolutely nothing. He’s looking at Barack Obama and he’s seeing someone that he doesn’t believe can win in November. So don’t expect him to endorse Obama ever. He’ll work for Obama in the general election, they all will. There’s no downside to that. But there’s no way that this guy, who is a United States Senator and a fairly young and ambitious one at that, is going to attach himself to someone that he might feel is a shooting star and now a controversial and divisive one at that, rolling over on a Clinton in the process.

Think he wants to be Obama’s VP? If he ever did, and I don’t think so, he sure doesn’t want to now.


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