but why did you stay, barack?


This and similar questions aren’t just being asked on Fox News. Richard Halperin of Time Magazine and The Page is asking it. Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who only a month ago wrote a have-you-no-shame piece imploring Hilary to GET OUT of the race, now he’s on MSNBC asking the question.

Fox News is only an indicator of how the Republicans will run against Obama in the general election. If you want to know if the Wright controversy has traction beyond the right wing media, watch something else.

One of Obama’s core constituencies is coming unraveled. Not white men or the better educated, etc. Not a voting bloc at all. I’m speaking of the elite print commentators at the New York Times and the Washington Post. It’s happening slowly. A half a Maureen Dowd column at a time. But they’re jumping off.

Richard Cohen hates Hillary Clinton and his columns were shrill humiliations of her. He admits to writing “fawningly” of Barack Obama. Now he’s talking about Obama like Obama was playing grab ass at a state dinner. Whatever is said on Fox that HAS merit, also has legs with the rest of the press corps.

Why did he stay at this church when he knew about anti-American and racist hate speech? Why didn’t he answer that and throw the reverend over in his speech on Monday? What does any of that say about his leadership and judgment?

This is obviously HARD for these people who were in the tank for Obama. But their support of him now is like a ball of yarn slowly unraveling. And every one of these people… the Mark Halperins and Richard Cohens… are saying that this is ALL that people are talking about. Meaning the people they talk to… other big time journalists.

Not FOX. And not the blogosphere. I’m talking about the savants and opinion makers and shapers from the most important publications in the country. Quasi-liberals who have been in the tank for Obama from day one. They may be watching Fox, like so many of us after the Wright story broke, to see how the Right wing would run with it, but they’re taking AWAY from Fox any valid perspectives or questions that are made by the right.

Chris Wallace, of Fox, said this on Imus the other day. (And Imus is very much pulling for Obama to take out Hillary Clinton, who he still refers to as “Satan”.) But when Wallace said this, everyone just doubled over laughing, including me, because he kind of just exasperatingly said it, and yet it was SO true and so cuttingly spot on, that it came off as hilarious. He was talking about how the conservative democrats probably wouldn’t be very understanding of a potential president sitting in a church under a pastor spewing this anti-American and racist junk. CW said, exasperated:

“….because if there’s ONE person who you’d expect to STAND UP for America, it’s the President.”

Very simple statement. But it cuts so deeply into the meat of this controversy that you shouldn’t gloss over it. It speaks to the head scratching that will go on in households and bars and bowling alleys and Walmarts all over this country. It’s hard to put the two unlike things together. The President of the United States of America. And Barack Obama sitting for 20 years under Pastor God Damn America.

You can talk about transcripts and actual attendance all you want. Those are valid topics for an in depth analysis of the matter. But this is a POLITICAL campaign to put Barack Obama in the Oval Office. The political ramifications are separate issues entirely than these details. The conservative Reagan democrat, the Republican who LIKED Barack Obama and might have voted for him. Scores of other white Democrats who are seething about Pastor Wright’s racist rants. These people are all politically in play and they’re sitting back and saying… [i]how COULD he have sat there and how could he claim to not know of this stuff when here I am sitting having a beer at the Elks club in Altoona and I know about it?


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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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