let people vote and count the votes


Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are key swing states in a general presidential election and likely will be for many election cycles to come. Even the slightest or casually spoken dismissal of the importance of either of those three states is really naive on many levels.

That anyone can be comfortable with having voters locked out of this primary election for ANY REASON whatsoever just scares the hell out of me. The entire political dream of this country is based upon the sanctity of the vote and the ability of the voter to express that vote and to be confident that his or her vote will be counted.

Beyond the violation of democratic ideals is the simple political impracticality of disenfranchising voters in a key swing state like Florida.

We are talking here about determining the Democratic nominee and potentially the next president of the United States. The votes in Florida and Michigan could help swing the election TO the candidate who is in second place right now. Without them, it is practically impossible for that to happen.

For the Obama campaign and his supporters to oppose a re-vote in Florida and Michigan and to relish that as an impossibility because of the potential for Obama to lose his lead over Hillary, is absolutely no different than improperly expunging voters from voter rolls, placing a police barricade around a precinct, denying suffrage to a minority, etc. It’s all the same.

Here we are, Democrats, once again begging for the votes to be counted in Florida.

But this time, it’s Democrats, who it turns out are no better than Bush’s 2000 campaign staff lawyers and hooligans, trying to block those votes from being counted or stave off a re-vote.

That Obama himself and his campaign and his followers are either standing mum or hiding behind Democratic party rules in an effort to get past Hillary Clinton, and participating in or quietly acquiescing to the disenfranchisement of the voters in Florida and Michigan is something that taints him, his campaign, and all who are arguing against a process that would bring these voters back into play.

This really DOESN’T speak well of the democratic ideals of any of them.


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