the ferraro furor


How does any white politician running against a Clinton in a Democratic primary garner close to 85% of the African American vote nationwide while simultaneously pushing African American participation to record levels?

It might be possible for someone to concoct a tortured explanation as to how that could happen… but it would be bullshit.

So if that’s the context and the basis for Geraldine Ferraro’s comment, if that’s what she meant, then she simply was speaking the truth.

What is the average now of African Americans voting for Obama? Mid or high 80s? People are running from the truth here. Because it might be embarrassing to them or it might help them prove that they’re less racist than the next person or group? I don’t really know. I can only guess as to why people turn their noses up to the truth.

In my life I was taught and learned from being a child of the 60s, a watcher of the Civil Rights movement, and a participant of it in my adolescent heart, that bias is an abhorrent and DESTRUCTIVE thing when it comes to race or skin color. To be racially biased is a mark of bad character.

But it is also an often subtle obstacle in everyone’s hearts and minds.

Bias FOR someone because they are the same race as you are is still racial bias. And it is destructive. The mainstream media, which hasn’t wanted to touch this since CNN got hammered for their beauty salon question put to AA women in South Carolina, explains it this way. It’s okay that blacks are voting FOR Obama because he is black, because they see him as being more likely, due to his racial makeup, to see things their way, etc. as long as they are NOT voting against Hillary because she is white.

Which is something that would get you howls of laughter in a freshman philosophy class.

I saw this coming late last year. For black voters in this primary season, this became very much about Obama’s racial makeup very quickly. Every other demographic has crossed over at some point to vote against their own demographic. Everyone except African Americans. (I’m practically quoting CNN’s Roland Martin on that.) Going into every one of these states the African American vote is predetermined to be in the area of 80%+ for Obama.

The position that African Americans are voting for Obama because they like his programs better or the way his experience stacks up against Hillary Clinton’s is both untenable and diversionary.

And racial bias is destructive. Is destructive. Is destructive.

There is a post I read regarding racial identity politics in this primary. It struck me. It was from a woman supporting Hillary. She said:

“All my life I’ve worked for Civil Rights. I feel so betrayed.”

The hurt feelings in this election go both ways.

Regarding Ferarro. She said some things that were true. And then she said some things that were fucked up and destructive. And now people are even further apart. I’m glad she’s gone. Although I think she was right about a couple of things and those things needed to be said, overall she was the wrong messenger and she made matters worse.

But it’s important to note something here.

You have life long liberals screaming that the Obama campaign has been playing the race card against Hillary Clinton. The response to that has been to combat it. Demean it. Downplay it. Or even call the perspective itself racist and question the integrity of those claiming it regarding race.

Hillary Clinton NEEDED the African American vote to win this primary. The Clinton campaign had no reason to play the race card. That would have been suicidal to her chances of getting past Obama and winning this nomination. African American voters could not be hoodwinked by a white politician to vote against a black man. There was no race card to play. There were simply statements made by the Clintons and their campaign that GAVE the Obama campaign and Obama supporters an opportunity to play the race card against her.

They did. And it worked. He has a lead in pledged delegates. But the collateral damage is that there are devastated feelings on all sides now, except the Republican side. The party and the democratic voting base is being split between very angry Hillary supporters who have watched the MSM take her apart with whispers from the Obama campaign, and Obama supporters, including this 80%+ African American voting bloc, who are on the defensive and having their anger stoked by someone like Ferarro, who is herself angry but on Chinese herbs or something and talking out of her ass.

In the end, if Hillary wins, she’s not going to get elected because of the hurt feelings in the Obama camp. And if Obama wins, he’s not going to get elected because of hurt feelings on the Clinton side of things.

I’ve blamed the Obama campaign before. I blame them now. And I will blame them until the end of my days. When the Clintons inadvertently gave them something to work with, they POUNCED on the issue of race. Obama should have issued an edict to his campaign and supporters, don’t TOUCH race. Don’t take what you perceive to be bait. Don’t accuse this former First Lady’s campaign or her two term president husband of anything that smacks of race. Leave it alone. He might not have had the same chance of winning the primary. But he would have had a MUCH better chance of getting elected president should he have won the primary and he might have won it anyway.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it now. Obama used RACE to get past Hillary Clinton. That’s WHY he’ll never be President of the United States. And that’s why the democrats will lose the White House once again.


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