not feeling the left’s love for obama


No disrespect to the activists and Air America and everyone else on the left who support Barack Obama. I’m decidedly on the left and these voices have had my devotion in the past and I personally share mostly the same wishes and the same enemies.

But if that progressive perspective was at all tenable in presidential politics today, Ralph Nader would be a national hero (he should be) and a very large number of Americans would be clammering for him to run for president instead of hoping he doesn’t and he would be pulling down numbers that suggest that he’s a viable contender.

None of that is reality. (The man is even being bashed by Obama, who knows NO respect for these ideological icons and party elders.)

We all have to live in the real world with all the people who don’t believe everything that we believe and who would like nothing better than to win every election. Personally, I can’t postpone my hope for progress to some day down the road in the distant future when the people rise up and see the light and truly progressive politics moves into the mainstream.

Because while we’re all waiting for that to happen, the greater of two evils is taking us into an era of electronically rigable elections, wars based on false information, the pissing away of the national treasure to fatten the wallets of corporate war machine buddies, and the taking away our protections under the Constitution.

I’ll take the Clintons over another 4 or 8 years of a Republican in the White House, because that kind of choice is the only reality that exists in my opinion.

In America, we elect Republicans to the White House. Period. If the Dems nominate Barack Obama for president, America is going to once again elect a Republican to the White House. I believe that.

If by some miracle Obama wins in ’08, his liberal heart will quickly be exposed by those who hate liberals and the right wing attack machinery will have this relatively inexperienced Washington newcomer on his back for 4 years and then America will correct its “mistake” and elect another Republican to the White House.

Clinton is the only Democrat who has a chance, in my opinion, of being an effective competent, authoritative leader as President. Someone who has a better chance of both withstanding the assault that will be thrown at her while being competent enough to mount up a series of programs and initiatives that are designed cleverly enough that they might actually make it through and become actual change.

In my heart, I will always be a progressive. But in 2008, I am once again a Clintonista.


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