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Just a KTLA 10 PM newscast poll here in LA. Should Hillary Clinton drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination? 21.2% Yes (129 responses) 78.8% No (479 responses) 608 total responses There is also the now well publicized poll that produced 22% each wanting either Obama or Clinton to quit and 66% wanting […]

There are quite a few states left that haven’t voted, including some fairly large ones in PA, Indiana, etc. The Democratic party could look at the calender in advance and see exactly how spread out and long their primary season was going to be. I’m trying to imagine a closer primary race scenario wherein these […]

Pastor Wright is now officially a cancer on the presidential aspirations of Barack Obama. How about William Kristol’s referencing Marc Antony’s Brutus is an honorable man riff. Does it get any better that this in politics than calling upon Shakespeare to DAMN a modern politician? “It wasn’t when he posed the rhetorical questions: “Why associate […]

Let’s review. Richardson goes against the political Godfather that MADE him the Ambassador to the UN and Secretary of Energy. He goes against the expressed will of the voters in his state who went for Hillary Clinton. And he goes against Latinos around the country who have largely gone for Hillary. None of which is […]

This and similar questions aren’t just being asked on Fox News. Richard Halperin of Time Magazine and The Page is asking it. Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, who only a month ago wrote a have-you-no-shame piece imploring Hilary to GET OUT of the race, now he’s on MSNBC asking the question. Fox News is […]

I heard someone describe it as towering. I think that’s accurate. Tremendous potential for this country to move somewhere it has never been inherent in the characterizations he made of race and even the tolerance of people who have racial anger on all sides… all the way up to your racist granny! That’s pretty groundbreaking. […]

Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are key swing states in a general presidential election and likely will be for many election cycles to come. Even the slightest or casually spoken dismissal of the importance of either of those three states is really naive on many levels. That anyone can be comfortable with having voters locked out […]