have I got news for you


I said earlier here that, in November, the more fervent than thou anti-war rhetoric that Obama has used to build a huge and enthusiastic base of anti-war young people, instead of being his ace in the hole as it is now against Hillary Clinton, will get turned around on him in the general election and become a big big problem.

My warnings on this are heretical in the minds of so many, I’m sure, but just take a look at where this is going.

From the Swamp:

In the Democratic debate the night before, “Sen. Obama made the statement that if al-Qaeda came back to Iraq after he withdraws . . . then he would send military troops back,” McCain said.

“I have some news,” McCain continued, “Al-Qaeda is in Iraq. It’s called Al-Qaeda in Iraq.”

Obama shot back.

“I have some news for John McCain,” Obama said. “There was no such thing as al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush” took the country to war there.

It’s heartening to see that other people have responded to Obama’s rejoinder the way I did. It’s completely beside the point to say that Al-Qaeda wasn’t there before we invaded.

There’s almost universal agreement that the war was a bad idea, disastrously prosecuted. But the question was as to whether Obama would go back in if Al-Qaeda re-established itself in Iraq and both he and Clinton failed to mention the sobering truth that they are there now.

But Obama’s campaign rally comeback was exactly why I don’t support Obama. Couldn’t be a clearer example as to why this candidate doesn’t connect with me.

But I must also say that I am in total agreement that Obama has grown exponentially in the last few months in terms of his performances during the debates. I see that and acknowledge it. But he can’t answer John McCain on a war question with what sounds like a teenager’s smart-assed response and stand there beaming with pride while the audience whoop-whoops.

The majority of the American people, including many who had become hopeless and had turned on the war in Iraq the last few years, those who YOU may be counting as being on your side come a general election between an anti-war candidate and a stay-the-course (finish-the-job) candidate… DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THIS WAR!

If there are any signs, and wake up, people, because there are, that we might actually be able to win this war, and overcome the insurgency and Al-Qaeda in Iraq, then this general election will come down to being Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary the Liberal She-Devil Clinton, versus the Red, the White, and the true Blue, John McCain.

Unless the war in Iraq begins again to look like the endless bloody quagmire that it was looking like a short year and a half ago, with no hope of a military solution, the American people, and enough of them to make an anti-war Democrat’s task very difficult in a general election, will be inclined to want to finish the job in Iraq.

That’s painful to type and painful to accept. But McCain is already running on the war, and the flag. Obama’s staunch anti-war position as well as his being a newcomer to Washington, these things that recommend him for the job as president in so many people’s eyes, are going to come back at him in a tidal wave of patriotism.

There are a lot of people out there who can not accept the idea of America losing another war. This war in particular was called the war we cannot lose before we went in. Losing this war, in that part of the world, was unthinkable after 9/11. Now we’re actually engaging Al-Qaeda there and it appears we’ve tamped down the worst of it.

Now here comes Obama reminding America of what? That it’s all been a disastrous failure?

I predict that’s going to be a very hard sell.

This isn’t the Dems’ fault. They’ve been on the right side of the war in Iraq. But what if, suddenly, there were no more bad guys over there for us to kill? What if it starts to look to everyone that we’ve actually won this war or are decidedly winning it?

Between their own anti-war base and the Republican base which will clobber them for flip-flopping for/against/for (Hillary) or against/for (Obama) they just won’t be able to get any wiggle room on these very huge war questions with their huge implications for the country.

I am predicting here and now that whomever wins this primary and goes on to the general election is going to be scrambling for some wiggle room if the situation in Iraq remains status-quo throughout the rest of this year. And all this fervent anti-war rhetoric that Obama is spouting now is going to have a blow back that will split this country into the same old red state/blue state stand-off.


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