the cost of obama’s war


The Democrats have had only one two term president since Harry Truman. That would be Bill Clinton. The nation enjoyed peace and prosperity during the Clinton years. We had a First Lady who broke the mold in her approach to that position. The Clintons came in as progressives and were whacked into a more centrist position.

They were the biggest and best thing in Democratic politics since the Kennedys.

And now, that Clinton legacy, as well as their reputation in their own party, is in tatters. The most divisive primary I’ve ever seen has taken them and cast them into the trash pile of party politics in the name of change. They’ve been charged as race baiters and as deranged and damaging figures to their own party.

In short, from within the Democratic party itself, the Obama campaign, the movement of supporters, and the news media, has accomplished what the Republicans and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and the Rush Limbaughs and Bill O’Reillys and Sean Hannitys… what they all could not do. They’ve pretty much destroyed the reputation and legacy of the Clintons.

That’s a lot of Democratic party glory thrown over the side of the boat. Barack Obama will have to be a VERY successful president indeed to make all that have been worth it.

And if he doesn’t even win the election… then what?


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