a super super-delegate rant


Surely one reason the Democratic party created the super-delegates was to prevent Republicans from impacting our party’s choice for president.

Here’s what I wrote in another post. (any day I can quote myself is a day above ground.)

And this super delegate thing. Obama doesn’t want to change the rules in mid game by allowing Florida’s delegates to be counted… but in his calls for the super delegates to FOLLOW the will of the people he’s calling for a change in the rules mid game. He’s in the Democratic party. The super delegates were created for a specific purpose and that is to negate what might be the undesirable effects of the Democratic party’s OPEN style of primaries wherein REPUBLICANS and independents can vote in OUR primary, possibly skewing the results. The super delegates are there to correct the weird results from the proportional allocation of delegates, maybe the Texas craziness etc. The super delegates are a device of the party. They are part of the rules. Now Obama wants them simply to GO ALONG which is exactly what they are there NOT to do.”

Texas has a crazy system that might award more delegates to the candidate who gets less votes. And the Obama campaign has been happily pointing this out with no apparent issues in terms of it not reflecting the “will of the people.”

Think about this scenario. Republicans want nothing more than to make sure that Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the White House. (If you don’t accept that premise then don’t waste your time reading any further because that’s a given as far as I’m concerned.)

Their race had essentially been decided weeks before this latest string of primaries that saw Obama go on his winning streak. Certainly McCain had the nomination well in hand before Wisconsin. And now, suddenly, Obama is pulling in voters from across the demographic spectrum. All of a sudden like.

And… look how few people voted in the Republican primary in Wisconsin. Look at Republican participation in this entire primary season. Very weak turn out. I know. They’re not motivated.

I’m not saying there’s some massive Republican voter conspiracy to knock off Hillary Clinton. But don’t you think that Republicans are crossing over to cast a vote against one of the most reviled politicians (by Republicans) in the history of American politics?

I do. I think Republicans are crossing over to vote for Obama NOW because voting against Hillary is something they can’t resist doing. And when the choice is between a Republican and Democrat they’re going to vote for the Republican. Yet they will have helped chose a weaker Democratic opponent. (That’s debatable of course, but maybe not in their minds. And not in mine.)

That’s why the super-delegates are there. It is an ABSOLUTE FACT that Obama calling for them to vote the will of the people is, to some degree that none of us might ever know, asking the Democratic Party to rubber stamp the electoral wishes of Republicans who voted in this election for Obama and who will cross right back over in November.

Really now. Somebody should be paying me for this stuff.


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