barack and harry and louise, oh my!


Clinton Unloads on Obama’s ‘Destructive’ Tactics

“In one of her sharpest attacks of the 2008 race, Clinton blasted two mailings Obama’s campaign has put out criticizing Clinton’s views on health care and trade, accusing him of “using tactics that are straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook.”

He says one things in his speeches and then he turns around does this. It is not the new politics the speeches are about. It is not hopeful. It is destructive.”‘

Shame on you, Barack Obama.It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public. That’s not what I expect from you. Meet me in Ohio — let’s have a debate about your tactics.

Enough about the speeches, and the big rallies, and then using tactics right out of Karl Rove’s playbook,” she said angrily. “This is wrong and every Democrat should be outraged.”

Anyone on the left over a certain age who cares about providing health care to everyone who needs it will look at that image on the flier Hillary Clinton is holding up and see red. Every democrat should be outraged. It’s a cheap tactic to employ a redo of the infamous Harry and Louise imagery that was used by the health insurance industry to take down Hillary’s first initiative to provide universal coverage to now attack her current health care plan in the 2008 Democratic primary.

And this is FROM the guy who says we need to turn a page from the divisive politics of the PAST?

Obama is not JUST a phony. He’s a treacherous phony. The flier says this:

“Hillary’s health care plan forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it.”

Obama’s campaign has stooped so low as to borrow tactics used in the health insurance industry’s efforts to derail First Lady Hillary Clinton’s initiative to provide universal health care coverage in the United States. I don’t expect young Obama supporters to care about that. I expect them to carelessly brush it off. But Obama doing this destroys party unity. It violates everything he said his campaign and his “new” politics were said to be about.

Starry eyed political neophytes? They’re not going to care. The rest of us democrats? Some of us are going to care.

That’s not phony outrage on Hillary Clinton’s face. She’s holding up the singular image that destroyed her health care initiative in the early 90s. It represents her own personal and political nightmare.

The Obama campaign has PLAYED the Clinton campaign. They set them up by saying that he was going to run a clean campaign and they’ve done the exact opposite. And whenever the Clinton campaign strikes back the Obama supporters boo, the Obama campaign cries foul, and the media howls that the Clinton campaign is desperate.

What I’m wondering is where is the idealism in the idealists? They can’t all be phonies as well?

Who cares about when she saw these fliers? What about them, is the question? What should be made of the Obama campaign, liberal democrats, using the infamous Harry and Louise couple-at-dinner-table tableau in a negative ad attacking Hillary Clinton’s health care plan here in 2008?

We don’t have universal health care in this country BECAUSE of that exact imagery.

How many people have DIED in this country because they didn’t have all the benefits of insurance coverage in the last 16 years since this image effectively destroyed public support of the Clintons’ health care initiative? How many people have suffered simply because they don’t have a family doctor to visit when they’re sick? Liberals are supposed to care about that stuff. The Obama campaign is supposed to be made up of people who care about that. Supporters of the candidacy of Barack Obama for President are supposed to CARE about this stuff.

Obama has committed the kind of sin here that, should he lose his bid to win the White House, he will never live down. No democrat that I can remember has ever employed these kinds of tactics against their own party. I don’t expect Obama supporters to do anything other than shrug this off. But you’re shrugging off your own integrity and you better not expect all the rest of those who describe themselves as liberals or Democrats to do the same.

Here is a lone voice in the media who is outraged by the Obama’s campaigns reprisal of the Harry and Louise images.


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