quitting is bad – not counting votes is worse


I’m thinking of how either of these candidates should lose at this point and it’s a difficult subject made more difficult by the competitiveness of the race. But I have an idea.

I believe that neither a woman nor an African American should quit this race even after it is apparent that they can not win it. I think an agreement should be struck that allows the loser to “fight” to the end. Dignified, united, respected, and respectful, but still there. I think that’s the special burden of the gender and race perspectives in this election. To me, it would be unthinkable that either of these two candidates could quit at this point.

As far as seating the Mich/Fla delegates. In the case of Michigan it would be just flat wrong because Obama wasn’t on the ballot. But, on the other hand, my strong opinion is that it would be just as flat wrong to not seat the delegates in Florida. Federal election laws, I’m sure, restrict a lot of things that the parties would like to do. And in a country that is ruled by a two party system, that’s completely appropriate. This election should open up a number of things for re-evaluation by those who make election laws. The Democratic Party should not be able to do anything like this in the future.

It’s really outrageous to think that a state as large and as populous as Florida especially, but ANY state, should have its voters ignored at any point in the process of choosing a president. This election will help determine that president for the people of Florida and the people of Florida’s vote will help decide the leader of the free world. I hope the party wakes up on Florida. They, and their current frontrunner, are talking out of both sides of their mouths on this one.

I’ve heard the general dismay that Clinton wants to change the rules after agreeing to abide by them. What I’m saying is that we should step back from a concern about Democratic Party rules and look at what this says about our democracy if the State of Florida has NO say so in this presidential primary.


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