moving the goal posts


This is an excerpt from an interview just aired on CNN with Barack Obama. He says more than the first quote, but there are no edits in the tape itself, the interviewer’s question comes while Obama is wrapping up his comment. Point being, he says B within 60 seconds of saying A.

I find this to be very typical of Obama’s cherry picking of anything he can use and the discarding of what he can’t use even if he is advocating, as in this sort of breathtaking example, FOR something as a basic principle and then, almost in the same breath, dismissing it.

I’m transcribing this.


We’ve got to make sure that, whoever wins the most states, the most delegates, that they are the nominee. I think it would problematic if either Senator Clinton or myself came in with having won the most support from and that that was somehow overturned by PARTY insiders.


What do you think should happen then to the delegates in Michigan and Florida? You talk about voters not thinking that their votes are going to be counted in this process.


Well, you know. All we’ve done in this process is follow the rules as they were laid out. I love the voters in Michigan and I love the voters in Florida and I want them to participate. We abided by the rules that had been set up by the DNC.

Yeah. Can some Obama idealist please explain how this kind of duplicity is acceptable to them? Can we pull up some nifty political websites that will explain it all to us heartbroken old liberals? Because this is coming from the guy who is running as a guy who wouldn’t. Run. Like. This.

Obama doesn’t want to change the rules in mid game by allowing Florida’s delegates to be counted… but in his calls for the super delegates to follow the will of the people he’s calling for a change in the rules mid game.

He’s in the Democratic party. The super delegates were created for a specific purpose and that is to negate what might be the undesirable effects of the Democratic party’s open style of primaries wherein Republicans and Independents can vote in our primary, possibly skewing the results.

The super delegates are there to correct the weird results from the proportional allocation of delegates, maybe the Texas craziness etc. The super delegates are a device of the party. They are part of the rules. Now Obama wants them simply to go along which is exactly what they are there NOT to do.


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