wasn’t supposed to be this way – part i (527 to follow)


I hate to harp on this point, because I think that criticism of Obama anywhere is met with the same response that the Clinton campaign gets from the Obama campaign, that it’s unfair, politics-of-destruction, or something much worse. But I think there is a basic dishonesty in the behavior coming from the Obama campaign and it’s coming from a movement that has been fueled by the idealism of so many.

Although I think these two will end up together and, I hope, elected, and although I think they could do incredible things for the country if that happens, there are so many issues I have with Obama personally and his campaign that are stealing from me the joy and excitement that others have when considering the remarkable achievement that his candidacy represents.

I think his campaign has been cynical and dishonest even about how it represented what its own tactics and philosophy were to be going into his effort to win the nomination. In the context where a basic tenet of the campaign was to put the divisive and destructive personal politics aside, and appeal to the better natures in all of us… this has become a bit reprehensible. If something can be described as a “bit” reprehensible. Cynical, even. And the result has been a more destructive primary than any of us can remember.

I don’t like Obama. I wish I did. I sincerely would love to love this guy. But while so many people see good, I don’t. I see something different. I see arrogance where I wish there was confidence. And I hate to say this… but it was pointed out by someone else and hit me like a ton of bricks… but it is a MALE arrogance. Executive arrogance. TV lawyer arrogance.

Obama comports himself without humility. I don’t see how people aren’t seeing that. McCain. Huckabee. Mitt Romney. Yes, even the Republicans come to the stage with some humility. Obama doesn’t have that. He sort of allows a self deprecating moment once in a while. His entire personality was summed up in that “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.” comment. The thing that I don’t understand is how people aren’t seeing that this is who this guy is all the time. Why does it take one overt moment to open people’s eyes, and then only for that moment?

I see that person every time Obama is on my TV screen. I don’t WANT to see him like that. I want to see Bobby Kennedy, like so many other people do. But I’ve been listening to politicians for a long time. Listening to leftists on Pacifica Radio alone for damn near 20 years. If I thought this guy was the real deal I would have thrown Hillary Clinton over months ago.

I see impatience and an air of entitlement. I don’t see ANY candor. Except maybe when he uses it for humor. Everything else is canned. As far as political talents, undoubtedly he has considerable political talent. But it reminds me of Reagan’s political talent in that so many other people are moved by it, but not me.


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