the divisive mrs c.


Sadly, so many Obama supporters and even Obama himself view Hillary Clinton as “too divisive” and are describing her in this fashion to the American people in an effort to win a presidential primary.

Where did they get this perspective on Hillary Clinton? Who put those words in their mouths?

I know the answer to that! I’ve been right here, watching them do it for the last decade and more. Long before there was an Obama or a movement or his supporters the charges that Hillary was a polarizing, divisive figure (those exact words) were the the first things out of the mouths of the right wing Republican attack machine from Fox News to George Will. And now, all that right wing seed work has finally given fruit, but sadly, it’s in the hearts and minds of people who should know better.

In all the primaries and caucuses so far, excluding no one, how many people have voted for Hillary Clinton in 2008? She’s so hated in this country. Right? Well how many people have voted for her?

Primaries and caucuses to date: (my adding, apologies in advance)

Clinton = 8.9 million
Obama = 8.4 million
McCain = 4.9 million

Here’s a news flash. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is as hated in this country as she’s being portrayed by those out to defeat her in elections. And I don’t believe that she is one bit more politically divisive than she needs to be. According to some people on the left, she’s actually a sell out. I don’t think she’s in the divisive universe of those on the other side who have painted her as being such a divisive figure.

Not only don’t I think she’s as widely hated as has been alleged by her political enemies and opponents, I actually think she’s a lot more popular than anyone is allowing. Again, look at how many American voices are being denied by this claim, 8.9 million through the primaries and caucuses so far. More people have voted for HER than any other presidential candidate in 2008, while she is YET being painted as divisive and unlikable by Obama, Fox News, The Washington Post, etc.

The Kool-aid is being passed around by Dems now, but they should be careful because this particular Kool-aid was brewed up in Rush Limbaugh’s basement a long time ago.


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