the right lesson of ’04


While it’s true, you don’t have to be a war hero to win the White House, that’s not the lesson that should be taken from Kerry vs. Bush in 2004. The lesson of that election is that even if the Democrats run a decorated combat veteran against a service dodging coward, they, the Republicans, have effective tactics at their disposal for negating what should be a clear advantage for the Dems on military issues and experience.

Another way of stating the lesson is this. You can NEVER out-flag wave the Right. No matter what.

You can’t ignore the context of the parties and their traditional postures vis a vis the use of the military etc. Hawk vs. Dove ideologies. Bottom line, McCain and the Republicans are going to be able to hammer either Hillary or Obama very effectively on national security and military issues because he has been to hell and back in the service of his nation, etc. God and Country and all that.


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