why they hate the clintons so: 101


Because over the course of two administrations, Bill Clinton extracted, like a dentist tugging on a rotten molar, THE major political base-rallying cry issue from the other side’s cantankerous mouth.

Anyone who was politically aware in the later years of the Reagan Era and into and coming out of the Bush I administration should remember that the budget deficit was THE flagship issue of the Republican party in those days. The Religious Right was still a loosely knit bunch of peripheral oddballs. Fiscal responsibility trumped everything back then, every social issue, including abortion. That’s why we could have a Republican president in Bush I who had to be coerced into being anti-abortion.

The deficit was blamed on the tax and spend democratically controlled congress and electing Republicans was seen as the solution to this gravest of national threats. That was to be the rallying cry for decades if not centuries. But Clinton’s presiding over the elimination of those deficits took away their big stick and they had to revert back to God and Country politics, and embrace the loony bins of far religious right.

The fucked up thing politically? For all of us and the world itself… is how well that worked for the Republicans. They took over Congress on a wave of social conservatism and GWB mumbled in a fake Texas drawl all the way to two disastrous terms. The US has essentially gone back in time to the old days of Father Coughlin right wing radio demagoguery. What are Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter but modern day Father Coughlins?


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