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I said earlier here that, in November, the more fervent than thou anti-war rhetoric that Obama has used to build a huge and enthusiastic base of anti-war young people, instead of being his ace in the hole as it is now against Hillary Clinton, will get turned around on him in the general election and […]

The Democrats have had only one two term president since Harry Truman. That would be Bill Clinton. The nation enjoyed peace and prosperity during the Clinton years. We had a First Lady who broke the mold in her approach to that position. The Clintons came in as progressives and were whacked into a more centrist […]

I never saw a “debate” quite like this one. MSNBC’s moderators hit Mrs. Clinton hard and fast, with audio-visuals, playing every single unflattering moment from this past weekend in the first  50 or so minutes of the debate. They asked her to respond first to 3 questions before asking Obama to respond first to a […]

Surely one reason the Democratic party created the super-delegates was to prevent Republicans from impacting our party’s choice for president. Here’s what I wrote in another post. (any day I can quote myself is a day above ground.) And this super delegate thing. Obama doesn’t want to change the rules in mid game by allowing […]

Clinton Unloads on Obama’s ‘Destructive’ Tactics “In one of her sharpest attacks of the 2008 race, Clinton blasted two mailings Obama’s campaign has put out criticizing Clinton’s views on health care and trade, accusing him of “using tactics that are straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook.” He says one things in his speeches and then […]

Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd. Both sounding more vicious than any political commentary I’ve ever heard outside of Rush Limbaugh. Rich sounds like he’s channeling Dowd. What’s next? Despite Mrs. Clinton’s valedictory tone at Thursday’s debate, there remains the fear in some quarters that whether through sleights of hand involving superdelegates or bogus delegates from […]

Lot of people who watched the debate to the end saw something extraordinary. In her closing remarks, Hillary Clinton tapped into something that came from her soul. I thought she had an uncharacteristically bad debate and at the worst possible time. On the other hand, I thought Obama showed me, for the first time, that […]