the kennedy family endorsement


I love the Kennedys. They are a political family and no one in politics doesn’t play politics. There’s something here, however, that no one has mentioned. I’m not watching TV today or yesterday so I don’t know if anyone has touched on this, but I doubt it. I’m never shy about pointing out that you all might be hearing this from me first and maybe only from me.

Here it is. The Kennedys were the most beloved white political icons in black and brown America. Then the Clintons came along. First black president and all that. And it was bullshit and the reasons that he acquired that title should have been insulting to everyone, including Bill Clinton. But it’s politics and it’s about legacy and core constituencies and all that so it was warmly welcomed and embraced and Clinton ran with it.

But even then, I used to wonder how the Kennedys felt about this. Seeing JFK and Bobby not pushed aside, that would never happen, but simply seeing them joined in that very special place by this slick centrist policy wonk. And, in a world where so many people weren’t alive then and can’t recall the Kennedys at all except at pictures on the wall from history, the Clintons were IT. Like the New Kennedys.

Now there’s a crack in all that, at least between African Americans and the Clintons. In fact, it looks like it has crumbled into dust permanently.

And then there’s the Kennedys, once again, sitting in that special beloved iconic place. Alone. And to make sure that the difference between the Kennedys and the Clintons is forever historically imprinted in the hearts and minds of anyone black, brown, liberal, or on the left, Ted and Caroline endorse Obama OVER a Clinton.

It’s fucking beautiful is what it is. I admire it. With two simple endorsements of a presidential candidate over another one, you RESET your family as THE one and only great white benefactor of modern black America.

BUT that’s not all. Policy wise, there’s not a hill of beans difference between Obama and Hillary. It’s an ideologically safe place for the Kennedys to go. Can’t fault them there at all. BUT… they carry great weight with the Latino community where the Kennedys are also beloved icons. This undermines the Clintons to some extent with that Latino community and could potentially throw primaries in a number of states to Obama. Thus helping to insure that the Clintons don’t end up back in the White House where they could, potentially, work their way BACK into that special place where the Kennedys are now once again the sole occupants of.

Anyway, that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that Caroline Kennedy was endorsing Obama.


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