may we borrow your poison?


You know what’s tragic? People are voting for Obama, due to substantive ideology, and yet they are BASHING the Clintons with talking points right out of the right wing play book of the last 16 years. I’m not saying these Obama supporters are all insincere. I’m saying that too many of them have either bought or borrowed the Republican line on the Clintons and are gleefully repeating it, all in an effort to support their candidate and oppose Hillary Clinton. The work of right wing radio, Fox News, all that vitriol and all those seeds of scorn and doubt planted, it’s all now paying off big dividends.

Now people who share the Clinton’s ideology are repeating what the Republicans have always said. And the Republicans are bragging about exactly this. I heard Bill Bennett saying it just the other night. “Heh, heh. Now you democrats are seeing what we’ve been saying about the Clintons all these years.”


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