the anti-war vote vs. hillary’s war vote


Hillary’s Iraq war vote isn’t a liability. Except now, in the primary, when she’s under attack from her left flank.

The painful truth is that it is an essential component of what makes her electable in November. That’s what so many young people speaking up now for Obama don’t understand and what the establishment press and the Republicans are keeping mum about. 80% of America was in favor of invading Iraq. Everyone remembers whether they were or weren’t. That’s a lot of Americans who might identify with Hillary Clinton and the position she was in and and sentiments and VOTE she expressed at that time.

These independents who are so angry at Hillary for her war vote? They’re going to have two choices, which they may certainly abdicate by throwing their votes at a third party candidate.and potentially the election to the Republicans. The choice they have is between this person who they revile and can’t forgive for her war vote… and a Republican who is unabashed in his support for the war and the surge. If it is McCain, then he will have voted for the war just like Hillary did. And he just won the New Hampshire primary.

The anti-war movement wing loses its strongest advocate(s) the second the democratic nominee becomes Hillary Clinton. Because then the attacks on the democratic nominee in the GENERAL election will be coming from the RIGHT, and then, believe it or not, facing an unabashed war supporter on the other side, her OPPOSITION to the war will actually provide an opening to the Republicans to attack from and trust me, there will be some Swift Boat Captains of 2008 or Desert Tank Commanders or SOMEONE who will drive right through that opening. You just watch and see if I’m right.

Just like 2004. Just like 1972. If Independents don’t see that and simply stand by their principles they’ll simply be contributing to another 4 years of a pro-war Republican in the White House.


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