signed, sealed and delivered… oh no!


How about this? Jeffrey Toobin on CNN the night of the New Hampshire primary said that the music selected for the post election party at Obama headquarters was Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

There is a brashness factor here that borders on ridiculous and it really begins with a guy running for the United States senate and within a year of taking that very high office setting his sites on a run for president. That’s a sort of high foolishness. People serve in the House for decades and lose their bids for the Senate. Happens all the time. Not saying Obama couldn’t win the election in November, anything is possible in this country, however unlikely. But sitting back and looking at the rapidity at which he became as senator and went from senator to presidential candidate, just rationally, it’s really kind of astounding. I think in a general election, knowing republicans and how and what they use tactically in ads and their talking points and what works to manipulate to their base… this is going to be very fertile ground for planting the kinds of seeds of doubt that will make their candidate look like the kind of elder statesmen this country needs at this time.

TRUTH is… anyone who picks Obama as his or her running mate in a general election would also be making a foolish move and for the same reasons. The opposing party loves to bash running mates as being not ready for the top job. They’re going to hold him up to the same scrutiny and criticism they would if his name were at the top of the ticket. Obama and his lack of experience and his sudden rise will make him a tremendous liability in the general election.

Hard to imagine him getting past Clinton now that the gloves are coming off. But she might select him as a running mate and that would be a huge mistake in my opinion and it’s really not going to take more than one big mistake to lose this election.


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