bush/clinton/bush/clinton: what’s the problem?


Lumping the Clinton administration between the two Bush administrations and characterizing it all as a two family dynasty is the non-issue du jour. Hillary has a long way to go before she might take the presidential oath, and in comparison to the 11+ years of Bush, Bill Clinton’s 8 years were characterized by blissfully intelligent and responsible leadership. Comparatively speaking.

Linking the Clintons to the Bushes is either the mindlessly innocent regurgitation of a buzz-concern or the not so innocent work of people who just don’t want to see the Clintons back in the White House.

The Clintons will always be the biggest enemy of the right because they are liberal POLICY WONKS and they know how to win elections and work the system. The only way to stop them is a) prevent them from getting elected in the first place and, if that fails, b) whack them hard with something every single day they’re in office.


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