that champion of democracy john edwards says…


With the help of our English to English translators, the writers and editors at CNN…

Clinton Out of It, Edwards Suggests…

(CNN) — Democrat John Edwards seemed to suggest Friday Hillary Clinton’s third place finish in Iowa may have rendered the New York senator effectively out of the presidential race.

Speaking at an early-morning campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Edwards pointed to entrance polls indicating Iowa voters overwhelmingly listed “change” as the most important attribute they are looking for in a candidate. That means, he added, there are now only “two choices.”

Now he either seemed to suggest it… or he SUGGESTED it. Which is it, CNN? Make up your mind so your headline is in agreement with what you’re saying in the body of the article.

Far more people voted in the 2005 Allegheny County-wide general elections (Pittsburgh area) than in the Iowa Caucuses and yet here is Edwards mildly suggesting that Iowa has dealt Clinton the death card.

And then, our responsible friends at CNN are taking that extremely self-serving suggestion and re-writing it, expounding upon it, and then chiseling it all into stone and shooting it out across the airwaves and cyberspace. Words become thoughts and now you have a couple hundred thousand people and an irresponsible media making the decision for the rest of this very large and diverse country that the double digit national front runner is no longer even in the race.

That’s the absurdity of these early primaries and caucuses that the larger states tried unsuccessfully to save us from. It’s why any talk about what Iowa meant, from who the candidates were able to cross over and appeal to, etc. and on and on, is just careless acquiescence that actually contributes to and sustains this atrocious bullshit.

But by taking it as far as it is being taken here by CNN, and, from what I can read, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and every other major publication and network, by saying that “the field has now been shaken up” … is outrageously undemocratic. It’s a state franchise for Iowa and New Hampshire and without some federal action to stop them from moving their elections up six weeks before the rest of the country votes, they’re never going to give up that franchise of their own accord. It’s actually understandable. Pitiful. But understandable.

But the reason you’re never going to see a media driven public outrage that corrects this situation is because this is also the news media’s chance to make critical adjustments to their programming for the coming year. They could have a yawner of a 2008 wherein the two nominees are determined early and the whole primary process is over before they can package and sell it and profit from it… where the entire country just sits around waiting for November to heat up.

Or they can have it this way… The Big Shake Up That Changes Everything!


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