the iowa problem


After other states moved their primaries up to try to diminish the ridiculously undemocratic power that two small conservative states wield over a country of 300 million people, both Iowa and New Hampshire responded by moving their votes up in a desperate but, unfortunately, thanks to horror show we call a news media in the US, perfectly successful attempt to hang onto their power to, along with the media, unduly influence presidential races.

The media should have called these two states on their actions and maybe forced the issue to the point where there would be pressure to have a national primary election day so that Iowa would be as irrelevant as it deserves to be and media as un-influential as it should be. Because a one day national primary election day wouldn’t simply diminish the influence of Iowans on the presidential race. It would diminish the news media’s influence as well. They can trump this up any way they want to now. They can, and WILL, diminish Clinton’s 20 point national lead and USE the results in Iowa to build up Obama in order to create the appearance of a close race where there isn’t one.

That said, it’s a beautiful thing that a African American man could win the nod of any state’s party in an presidential election primary. But all Hillary has to do is not make any mistakes. Handle all this with grace. When the rest of the country votes the inevitability factor will kick in and trounce the odd duck state’s wacky results. Had Howard Dean done the same the night he was dissapointed in Iowa he wouldn’t have gotten himself bounced out of the race.

But the media… they’re the big winners tonight. They got what they wanted: a race. That’s all they give a shit about or they would have hammered Iowa and New Hampshire for moving their election days up like this. This country takes one step toward’s a more democratic system and a bunch of cornfed yahoos knock the most power country on Earth two steps back.


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