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The establishment media’s loathing for the Clinton’s that is. But this time it’s being identified early. Called out from within by an increasing number of big time voices. Paul Krugman in yesterday’s New York Times. With a warning to all you political junior achievers who think that, somehow, it is just HILLARY who is devisive […]

I love the Kennedys. They are a political family and no one in politics doesn’t play politics. There’s something here, however, that no one has mentioned. I’m not watching TV today or yesterday so I don’t know if anyone has touched on this, but I doubt it. I’m never shy about pointing out that you […]

I know exactly what Hillary meant when she said this. It’s just basic politics but it’s politics that people outside of politics, that would be voters, don’t understand. But OH how the Clintons DO understand it and that is WHY they are so feared by the right. I understand it because my mother was in […]

You know what’s tragic? People are voting for Obama, due to substantive ideology, and yet they are BASHING the Clintons with talking points right out of the right wing play book of the last 16 years. I’m not saying these Obama supporters are all insincere. I’m saying that too many of them have either bought […]

I was anticipating this would provide the newspaper the political cover for a fresh round of attacks by their writers and columnists on Hillary. Here’s something from a piece by E.J Dionne at the Washington Post, and he ought to know bumping around the water cooler with Sally Quinn. Let’s grant the Clintons their claims: […]

The biggest fear in the entire Republican universe is that Hillary Clinton will be elected president. They have feared that since before Bill left office. But she is as vilified as she is by that grass roots Republican base simply because they have been programmed to hate her by the Republican power brokers and opinion […]

Hillary’s Iraq war vote isn’t a liability. Except now, in the primary, when she’s under attack from her left flank. The painful truth is that it is an essential component of what makes her electable in November. That’s what so many young people speaking up now for Obama don’t understand and what the establishment press […]