betsy from oklahoma


In the morning.

Wait. What?

Oh. I forgot… where I was for a second. Sorry.

I meant… ON Morning Joe. Last Thursday. The coming out party that seems to have never happened. That might be your perspective if you happened to think, as I did, that Elizabeth Warren’s every public utterance since taking the job as President Obama’s Special Advisor for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would be Breaking News across the political airwaves.

What did she say? Lots of stuff like this.

For 30 years, we have watched a financial services industry that has figured out new ways to squeeze money out of middle-class American families.

Good stuff there, huh? But maybe the Tea Party terrified media has been slow to get going on this story because Elizabeth Warren, the name, sounds so… oh I don’t know… Hahvahd. Doesn’t it?

Are the American people, the ones who now have every right to permanently hate anything and everything that carries even a whiff of that button down eastern establishment culture, are they ever really going to accept an Elizabeth Warren from Harvard as someone who is truly looking out for their interests?

Maybe we would do well to remind the American people as much as possible, and keep in mind ourselves, that Elizabeth, according to her Wikipedia page, is an ex-Sunday School teacher who cites Methodist John Wesley as an inspiration.

In other words… Betsy from Oklahoma. That’s who she really is.

And where has she been all our lives? Isn’t she exactly what this country has needed for so long? A good solid woman with those hard-working, dawn-to-dusk, down-on-the-farm middle-American values we can all be proud of? Someone we, the American people, can trust?

We all know the answer to those questions. So let’s get on with, as Betsy from Oklahoma puts it, The People’s Business.

This is about fine print. It’s about tricks and traps. It’s about a whole industry that has grown around the notion that ‘we will pretend to sell you things at one price but ha ha HA… just wait.’

Okay that sounds great! That’s what I call hitting the ground running. But wait a minute.

That warm tingly sensation so many of us get at the thought of someone of Betsy’s caliber taking on the evils of the banking industry will DUH! not be universally shared in all parts (read: sectors) of the country.

Especially you know where.

Just listen to what the financial sector, for one, tried to do to Betsy’s agency before it could even get off the ground. I’ll give you a hint. They tried to KILL it. Yes they did. Just listen to Betsy. She’ll tell you all about it.

A lot of people fought this agency, I mean they fought it tooth and nail. The industry did. They spent tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars. And they said, we will kill this agency. And they didn’t. There were a lot of folks in political campaigns who were trying to kill this agency.

And no surprise, it sounds like the hell hounds will be on Betsy’s trail for the foreseeable future.

We finally got this agency into law, but let’s face it. There are a lot of people who still would do it harm. In the industry, and on Capitol Hill.

Stay safe, Betsy. We’re all counting on you.

Tricks And Traps
‘we will kill this agency’
We Will Kill This Agency 2

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4 Responses to “betsy from oklahoma”

  1. 1 Mike L

    Hi Betsy,

    Concur with your assessment! Elizabeth Warren will be one of the greatest Americans of our generation. What a shame the right wing is so full of hate for her.

    P.S. Just a note — it would be nice if you used a larger font for your blog. ;)

    • 2 jammer

      thank you, and I’ll check out an increase in the font size. i totally identify with that issue. have you tried hitting ctrl and the + to increase text size in your browser? I’d be lost without it. thanks again.


  2. 3 RedDirt

    A financial service that continues to dominate our complete, personal lives for decades & both political parties are controlled by these people. Hey, let us bailout Wall St. again and not bailout the citizens of this country.

    • 4 jammer

      i agree. it’s not even really a democrat/republican issue. they’ve stolen the entire process. we can only hope for real change in the form of someone like elizabeth warren. thanks for stopping in.


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